ADSS 3 On 3 Class 40 Division League

Season 1: July 2024 to Sep 2024

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  1. Registration fee is SGD 100 per team and have to be paid before the closing of registration.
  2. Payment details will be sent upon receiving and verifying of registration form.

7 July 2024


The games will be played on a fortnightly basis on 7thand 20th July, 4th and 17th Aug, 1st and 14th Sep . A total of 6 days will be allocated for the league games. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, days which are cancelled will be postponed with the league period with consensus of the affected teams.

Due to the impractical location of the games, a virtual line will be used to demarcate the playing field with consensus of the Team Managers before the season begins.

Game play will be based on 2 defence and 1 striker positions. Class 40 standard rules apply except for the penalty system. No penalty system will be imposed during the matches.

Class 40 International Standard Balls are to be used with a weight limit of 1100 grams.

Points allocated will be based on the following

3 Points for Winning Team
1 Point for Draw for both Teams
0 Point for Losing Team

At the end of the season, the Team with the most points will be declared the season champion. The pooled money from the registration will be final prize amount. For example, if there are 5 teams, the pooled amount will be SGD500 and that would be the prize amount for that particular season.

Top 3 teams of the season will be granted selection status for the National Team to represent Singapore in the FIDA World Cup 2025.

All matches and results will be published on the ADSS official website and social media pages.

Empires are appointed and the chief empire decision is final. There will be no VAR available.