March 6-7, 2024

Level 1, Hall A

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3rd Prize


Tournament Plan

March 6-7, 2024

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Team Members

  1. Registration fee is SGD 50 per team and have to be paid before the closing of registration.
  2. Payment details will be sent upon receiving and verifying of registration form.


  1. Maximum of 12 teams will be accepted for the Championship. Priority will be given to teams with players under ADSS’s membership.
  2. Teams are provide their own FIDA endorsed Class 20 SkyKick balls for the competition. No House Balls will be provided during the event. Players shall be responsible for the flight worthiness of the drones.
  3. If a registered player is absent on the actual competition days, no replacement will be accepted and the team will play on with remaining members of the team.
  4. Organisers have a right to change the award prizes with another of equal or more value.
  5. Competition will be played under FIDA international class 20 rules* and with Class 20 Skykick drone balls recognised by FIDA.
  6. Registration fee is SGD 200 per team and have to be paid before closing of the registration.
  7. Registration can only be done online on ADSS website.
  8. Grouping of teams will be done at random and announced after the registration has closed.