September 2nd – 3rd, 2024
Republic Polytechnic

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3rd Prize


Both school and club teams will play in a 4 group bracket setting with the top 2 of each group moving to the quarter finals for playoffs. Each match is made out of best of 3 games. Federation rules will apply for the games.

Game Rules

Line Up

  1. When teams are called to play, they are to prepare their drones and insert the batteries only within the cage. No insertion of batteries or arming of drones anywhere outside the cage area.
  2. Teams are to line up their drones in front of the goal post in one straight line in any position they wish from left to right. Teams are to ensure that their team LED lights are of the same colors.

Pre Start

  1. The umpire will check with the lines man to ensure that all safety aspects are taken care of and that both teams are ready.
  2. The umpire will announce the command of “Arm Your Drones”, at which during this time, teams are to arm their drones to prepare to fly. No take offs are allowed at this point.
  3. The umpire will then blow a whistle to signal the start of the games. Once the whistle is heard, teams are to commence playing.

Game Play

  1. The game will last for 3 minutes at which the umpire will signal the times every minute and the last 5 seconds of the game.
  2. The objective is for the strikers to score as many points as possible against the opposing team. Two strikers are in play from each team and any of the strikers are able to score. Defenders are not allowed to score but they are allowed to help in the front of the field.
  3. Once any of the striker scores, the entire team will go back pass their own field center line before they are able to score again. If any of the team members do not pass the center line, any scoring done by the strikers will not be counted. This is known as the offside rule.
  4. When the strikers scores, the goal post will be lighted up to signal a goal and will stay lighted until all team members have gone back pass their own center line. If a score is made while the light is on, the score will not be counted.
  5. The ball MUST pass fully through the loop in order to be counted as pictured below.

Tournament Plan

Register Now

Team Members

  1. Registration fee is SGD 50 per team and have to be paid before the closing of registration.
  2. Payment details will be sent upon receiving and verifying of registration form.